Thursday, 12 February 2015


They hide you know?

The monsters I mean…

They no longer cower and hiss under your bed,

now they taunt you from inside your head.

You make up your own monsters.

At least the ones you seek…

You think you aren’t looking,

but I promise you are.

see, the thing is; they lure you from every which way.

So you look for them because they offer you their tricks disguised as treats,

So you blindly follow the voices…

and every once and a while?

You get to find them…

YOU have the upper hand on the monster,

but be quick;

because I’ll tell you darling…

monsters are good at hide and seek.

They’ll run from you and soon be out of sight,

and you’ll be left wondering where the monsters have gone.

You’ll search for a long, long time.

Don’t work yourself up too much though;

they’ll only come for you when you seem most vulnerable.

Beware darling…




I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday it was a really busy day with school work and today is too but I had to come post really quickly 

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

This one is for You

*original my Nanas version*
A heart is like fine china 
It's not easily repaired 
When broken we can mend it,
But a crack is always there.
Time helps to mend a broken heart 
Time eases pain that's true,
But it'll never stop the hurt inside, 
Because I'll always love you. 
*my remake* 
A heart is like good China 
It's beautifully impaired 
Loss can easily bend it
But love will attack right there 
A broken heart is an open wound, 
But when together it's good as new. 
It was during the days she cried 
Because she dreamt of you at night. 

Monday, 9 February 2015

The Apple

On the outside? 
A fighter.
With tough armour. 
It's gained bruises and scars, 
And been judged like every other by colour and by shape, 
And the worst? 
On the inside? 
It still has imperfections, 
But beautiful someway, 
With a light to it. 
Similar to an apple. 

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Monster Fight

She sees now that the monsters in her head 
Were never so easily fed
They've always craved and lashed 
Leaving her world smashed 
They scratch all the walls of her mind 
Haunting even after they've died 
They're pulling her apart from the inside out 
Soon she'll be only bones no doubt 
Her bones are strong
But her mind is gone 
The monsters have been there for so long 
She wishes the monsters would disappear 
But instead they'd rather gather near 
And break her down completely 
Sometimes she wants to scream "Just defeat me!" 
Then the monsters will settle and she'll think she's won 
But the fight is no where close to done 

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Daddy is no Hero

You chose your pretty little drugs over me 
That's fine, I live my life guilt free
While you sit in highly shamed misery. 
I loved you for a much longer time 
Giving you smiles and hugs and everything that was mine.
You took it all with you leaving me alone 
Now a broken place I call home.
Once you loved me too, 
It wasn't long until that changed for you 
Found something better I guess 
Leaving me here a shattered mess 
You had more kids dad and eventually got bored 
Now you leave them broken and scarred.
I want to be done with this pain,
With you all stupid and vain 
Can't you care for someone else? 
Of course not, only yourself. 
You leave and don't pay a fee, 
That's right you chose your stupid little drugs over me. 

Friday, 6 February 2015

A Terrible Place

A terrible place indeed 
Monsters and demons constantly chase me around and around 
Driving me to reality 
A place no better to be found 
People are buried here, 
Six feet under ground.
They walk any they talk just like me, 
But I've seen very little humanity. 
My mind is a beautiful place compared to this one 
The demons show up here and corrupt you until you're dead 
At least I can always outrun the ones in my head. 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

I Write To

I write to hold a pillow over the pain hoping to suffocate it completely,
But knowing I could never finish the task 
I write to put my mind in the pen and watch it spill on the paper 
I write to go somewhere when I have to stay put 
I write to gain the power I need to keep the tears from betraying me 
And I write to escape my reality.