Saturday, 7 February 2015

Daddy is no Hero

You chose your pretty little drugs over me 
That's fine, I live my life guilt free
While you sit in highly shamed misery. 
I loved you for a much longer time 
Giving you smiles and hugs and everything that was mine.
You took it all with you leaving me alone 
Now a broken place I call home.
Once you loved me too, 
It wasn't long until that changed for you 
Found something better I guess 
Leaving me here a shattered mess 
You had more kids dad and eventually got bored 
Now you leave them broken and scarred.
I want to be done with this pain,
With you all stupid and vain 
Can't you care for someone else? 
Of course not, only yourself. 
You leave and don't pay a fee, 
That's right you chose your stupid little drugs over me. 

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