Thursday, 12 February 2015


They hide you know?

The monsters I mean…

They no longer cower and hiss under your bed,

now they taunt you from inside your head.

You make up your own monsters.

At least the ones you seek…

You think you aren’t looking,

but I promise you are.

see, the thing is; they lure you from every which way.

So you look for them because they offer you their tricks disguised as treats,

So you blindly follow the voices…

and every once and a while?

You get to find them…

YOU have the upper hand on the monster,

but be quick;

because I’ll tell you darling…

monsters are good at hide and seek.

They’ll run from you and soon be out of sight,

and you’ll be left wondering where the monsters have gone.

You’ll search for a long, long time.

Don’t work yourself up too much though;

they’ll only come for you when you seem most vulnerable.

Beware darling…




I'm so sorry I didn't post yesterday it was a really busy day with school work and today is too but I had to come post really quickly 

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